My perspective
About five years ago, I had the opportunity to begin working with others who had experienced some form of brain injury and/or were trying to help those who had experienced the same. In a very short time, I discovered that my 48-year journey of living with a brain injury enabled me to offer an experiential based perspective. This perspective began to challenge some very long-standing assumptions, question some long-standing habits, and highlight a number of blind spots that have been the basis of post-acute care for those touched by a brain injury.
The Realistic Hope Project
It was this discovery that was the genesis to the Realistic Hope Project – a project designed to validate these challenges, questions, and blind spots. I set out to collect data from others whose lives had been touched by brain injury. Using the “Anatomy of a Brain Injury” I asked website visitors to share their experiences with brain injury. Gathering data in this format enabled the creation of a unique and useful database.
Our Thanks
A special thank you to Hemming’s Motor News and Hagerty Insurance for their wonderful support and for sharing our trip with their community and all those individuals who continue to support us along the way. All donations go directly to the BIAA. If you have items that you would like to donate for auction, you can do that here.
My Experience
The perspective in this work is a result of the combination of my 48 years of experience living with a brain injury, and the honest, open responses from over 100 survivors, family members and caregivers. This combination has allowed me to create a unique insight into how the quality of life of those touched by a brain injury can be significantly improved.
Thank you to each and every one of you who have been willing to share your story and provided permission for me to share your story with others. This perspective would not be available without your contribution. If you have not yet shared your story please do so toady
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