Q1: Has your life been touched by a Traumatic Brain Injury?


Q2: How have you been touched by a Traumatic Brain Injury?


 Q3: Summary – the cause – the injury – today’s quality of life?

Grade 3 glioma. I was 27 with 2 kids and a husband suffering for 3 yrs of autoimmune difficiency when they discovered it in an er.

Q4: Please share your experience at the time you became aware of the injury?

I was relieved and scared because I knew my life would be different from that day on. My brother and sister also have brain tumors, so I knew how it changed you and effected your family. God had me from the beginning though because I was diagnosed at the end of November and December 10th I was in UCSF being operated by the neurosurgeon who wrote the book on the exact type of tumor I had! I am now completely free of cancer, but my family and I still struggle because of how traumatic it was, as well as the lasting effects of brain injury. I get headaches, fatigue, spacey, crabby I also have insomnia. It depends on the day and the amount of stress too and the weather . They told me I had 3mo. to live & to prepare my kids for losing a parent. I proved them wrong!!! 15 yrs later I’m alive and living! So don’t give up!!!

 Q5: Tell about the experience immediately after the injury. Surgery? Coma?

I was in ICU for 1 night, my husband wouldn’t leave my side. I really don’t remember much except him being there and me not being all there. It took a good year to start getting back to a resemblance of myself but I will never be the same. I had 6 wks of radiation which made me lose my hair and my red blood cell count dropped so low I had bruised all over so they put me on a high dose of steroids.

Q6: Tell us about the hospital stay after the survivor was no longer in a coma

Respondent skipped this question

Q7: Tell us about the time in rehabilitation?

Respondent skipped this question

Q8: Tell us about coming home!

At the time we lived in South Lake Tahoe elevation 6000ft. I had only been in the hospital 3 days, so there really was no rehabilitate for me. I couldn’t go home due to the increase in elevation as it made my head swell. Once I got home I really don’t remember

Q9: “Please type some single words that describe how TBI has touched your life. For example: Frightened, confused, sad, etc. Enter as many or as few words as you like. Separate each word with a comma”

Sad, confused, frustrated, envious of others and their “normal” lives.

Q10: What year did the injury happen? 1999

Q11: Tell us about life today?

I volunteer at a pregnancy clinic 1 day a week. I have a very full life with my husband, 2 kids, whom are now 22 and 20, and a beautiful 2 1/2 yr. Old grandson. It’s a challenge living because of my pain, but my family keeps me going. I travel to different places annually and pretty much live a good life.

Q12: What do you want to tell others going through the same process? Treatments, understandings and actions that made a difference?

Eat well! Get your rest! That is key. And keep the faith. I give God all the credit for my life and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my faith and the support of other believers and friends. Accept help and don’t beat yourself up for not being as you once were. God has done this for a reason. Keep on keeping on together we’ll get through this

 Q14: This information will be used to provide hope for others touched by TBI. Please indicate your permission to post your story on our blog and web site? Your name or email address will not be used with the posting.

Yes, you have permission to post my input Page 2 of 2


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