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Q1: Has your life been touched by a Traumatic Brain Injury?


Q2: How have you been touched by a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Family of a Survivor

Q3: Summary – the cause – the injury – today’s quality of life?

On August 8, 2013 my son was on his way home on his dirt bike. It was late. A charles county police office sighted him and started to chase him. He was only 16 years old and was just trying to get home. He helmet flew off and the chase was reportedly called off. The police officer continued to chase him at 78 mph.

He can’t walk or talk today. I was told today that the rehab let him go because of the MRI results.

My son missed his turn. He ended up in the back yard of a person home. His arm hit the tree. It was severly fractured. He was thrown from his bike. He sustained a severe brain injury (DAI). He was dead on the scene. He was revived and flown out. He was only 16 years old. It has been 9 months he is considered in a minimal conscious stage.

Q4: Please share your experience at the time you became aware of the injury?

It has been extremely hard. The nursing agency that we have is not really that good.

Q5: Tell about the experience immediately after the injury. Surgery? Coma?

He was in a coma. He was on a ventilator. The doctors wanted us to write him off. We refused. He was off the ventilator after 7 days. A trach was place in his neck.

Q6: Tell us about the hospital stay after the survivor was no longer in a coma

He was in the University of Maryland Shock Trauma hospital. He was in I.C.U.. Once released he was sent to the

Kennedy Krieger Instutite in Baltimore Md.

Q7: Tell us about the time in rehabilitation?

He was at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore from August 28, 2013 to December 31, 2013. He was out of the coma Sept. 11, 2013. He was doing well. He started kicking his left leg. He started keeping his head up in the wheel chair. They felt he wasn’t doing much so they kicked him out.

Q8: Tell us about coming home!

It was a very scary time for us when he came home. We learned to take care of him. He father to this day has to pick him up in put him in the chair. The hoyer life keeps turning over with him in it.

Q9: “Please type some single words that describe how TBI has touched your life. For example: Frightened, confused, sad, etc. Enter as many or as few words as you like. Separate each word with a comma”

frightened, sad, crying, hurt, scared, terrified

Q10: What year did the injury happen?


Q11: Tell us about life today?

My son is still not verbal and not mobile. It so hard to keep up with doctor appointments, keep up supplies, monitor his medicine and keep up his cares.

Q12: What do you want to tell others going through the same process? Treatments, understandings and actions that made a difference?

Don’t always listen to the doctors. Don’t give up on your love one. Work hard to make sure they are getting all the help they can get.

Q14: This information will be used to provide hope for others touched by TBI. Please indicate your permission to post your story on our blog and web site? Your name or email address will not be used with the posting.

Yes, you have permission to post my input




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