Day 3 -Living the Dream


Today we slowed the pace to about 400 miles–still a good pace even though it was fewer than the first two–and we are now back on track to follow from here our original goal of 400 miles daily to complete the entire Route 66 distance.

Cumulative mileage so far is about 1500, about 1200 of which is on Route 66.

We saw a number of interesting things today, including: –a nearly 90 minute “standstill” which took that long to go 10 miles due to a severe accident on I-40 west of Oklahoma City–no one likes that kind of stop and go driving. –a driving tour of Shamrock, Texas–an old town with many interesting buildings and other sights, including a randomly discovered “vintage car resting place” with a “dead”, second generation Corvair and more Edsel’s (probably at least 25) than Steve had ever seen in one place before. –a visit to a Brain Injury rehabilitation hospital in Amarillo, Texas (as an unannounced visit we had set our expectations low, however we could find no one available to even have a pleasant conversation). –a stop at another Chevrolet dealer–this one in Amarillo–where we attempted once again to negotiate a trade similar to yesterday.

Today’s effort produced the same result as the day before–not an outright no, but not enough positive vibes to warrant holding our breath. –a stop at the Midpoint Caf in Adrian, Texas where we were greeted by real friendly staff and the owner, plus we got to visit with four British guests who had come across the pond to take the trip they had long dreamed of on Route 66. –another driving tour, this one in Tucumcari, New Mexico, including a stop at the Blue Swallow motel–a very cool vintage place owned and run by some very nice folks who came from Michigan.

We spoke with a couple from Florida who drove to Chicago in their 1956 Ford, then began the Route 66 trek–they are proceeding at a somewhat slower pace than we are: “we’ll get there when we get there”.

As the Blue Swallow was booked full (good for them), we stayed the night at a modern hotel down the street in Tucumcari. A few other notes: –the Corvair continues to perform very nicely especially considering all the “exercise” it is getting. I did have to add a quart of oil in the morning, but anticipating that I did have the right stuff. –the day started out very overcast and thus not especially hot, but by the time we got to Texas it was just plain hot–near 90 we guess.

It certainly makes one appreciate hotel air conditioning when stopping for the night. –neither of us has seen as many cattle as we saw today–too bad we were otherwise preoccupied, as this would have been the best, highest count game of “count the cows” ever. It is no exaggeration that one place we passed had THOUSANDS of cattle in a one mile stretch. –the only thing that could have made today better would have been a surprise telephone call from Dennis Miller (yes, that Dennis Miller, the one with the radio show and one of the stars of the “Bolder, Fresher” tour).

Oh, well, maybe tomorrow! –donation dollars continue to build, but we are not yet near the goal–please help if you are able. –stay tuned–more to come!

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