Day 2 – Life is good


Day two of our excellent adventure saw another great performance by the automobile–consistent straight-down-the-road driving and relatively comfortable (OK, we did drive with the windows up although temperatures were in the high 80’s–not so it would appear that we had A/C, but rather so when we spoke we could hear each other over the wind, truck noise…).

We stopped at a Chevrolet dealer in Springfield Missouri, took a few photos (we and they) and half-heartedly attempted a trade: one just-broken-in, nice Corvair w/o A/C for a slightly used Corvette with A/C. Here is the assessment of that conversation with the sales manager: Mark seems convinced that there is no way that would happen, even with the offer to do an “even up” trade where we do not leave with any extra cash, but Steve continues to hold out hope since the sales manager did not ever actually say no. Maybe we can try at another Chevrolet dealer along the way.

Regarding Route 66 specific things: we did “fill-‘er-up” at a Phillips 66 station in Lebanon, Missouri and take a couple photos at the Munger Moss motel (too bad it was 11 AM, rather than PM, as it looked like a nice, vintage place to rest for the night). In Springfield, Missouri, we lunched at an old style (very cool) Steak & Shake that still has real carhops–no, we did not eat in the car, it is actually nice to get out and stretch. Mark disclosed to Steve that just before we pulled out of the driveway in Michigan to begin this excellent adventure, one of Steve’s grandkids asked Uncle Mark if Grandpa was going to let him eat in the car (not sure where that question came from, but the whole appeal of eating in one’s car seems a bit overrated). If you look hard enough it seems that almost everything can have Route 66 in front of the name–the old road is alive!

We logged over 500 miles yesterday, bringing the two day cumulative total to about 1150, so that puts us about 850 miles into the actual Route 66 trip allowing for the 300 miles to the actual start. We slept in Oklahoma City (looks mighty pretty) and once again are on the west side of the city so as to avoid early morning commuters (not that we leave at the crack of dawn, mind you).

We’re looking forward to another bright, sunny day, likely with much higher temperatures than when we left Michigan (did we tell you that some people had to scrape frost from their windshields early Monday, and we used the Corvair’s defroster–something Steve tries to avoid except when absolutely necessary. like needing to see out the front window?). We appreciate your continued good wishes and donations to the cause–rock on!

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