Day One – An awesome day


Well, Day One is under our belts! It was uneventful as far as the vehicle performance was concerned no issues, everything worked as it should. We expected to drive at a pace of about 60 mph and generally kept to that such a speed ensures that 99% of vehicles will pass us and hopefully see the sign in the rear window. Overall we averaged about 28 miles per gallon not bad for 50-year-old technology!

We began the day dressed in long sleeves, sweatshirts and fleece to counter the 31 degree temperature early morning chill not what we had expected, nor especially welcome even in Michigan near mid-May. Once on the road after the enjoyable video session with ABC12, (click here) we warmed nicely and the sun was a great companion.

Moving nicely across Michigan, then northern Indiana, we crossed into Illinois at about noon local time and arrived at the official start of historic Route 66 (near the corner of Adams and Michigan), then proceeded to head south and west, Although much of Route 66 has been supplanted by interstate highway, we did veer from that path and take portions of the historic route, including lunch at the Route 66 Plaza just north of Joliet, continuing through downtown Joliet to rejoin the freeway we believe that we crossed the Des Plaines river four times.

After that we traversed Illinois, viewing countless farm fields, many just plowed and seemingly fertile and ready to work. Since there was plenty of daylight we decided to drive further than we originally thought (one of us neglected to take into account the nearly 300 miles from Flushing MI to downtown Chicago in the drive time/distance equation, that was Steve’s job), ending the day across the Mississippi, just west of St. Louis, Missouri. After dinner and just over 600 miles on the road, neither of us had any difficulty falling asleep! We cannot thank each and every one of our supporters for you prayers, support and donations.

Your help in making sure that BIAA find ways to provide hope to more people living a life touched by brain injury makes an awesome difference. Off to the second day traveling the road that once was the route traveled with hope of a better future.

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