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So, tell us what you think about this adventure–we really are interested and promise to consider all replies and address them as we can, although we cannot promise to answer everything individually!

Are we crazy and is this just nuts, or do you (secretly or openly) wish you were doing this?

It is not a midlife crisis–believe us, we are too old to be called midlife–anyway who would drive a 50 year old car across the country with minimal amenities–no air conditioning, no radio (much less Bose speakers and CD or XM radio), it is equipped with an automatic transmission and tinted windshield only, oh, yes, it does have a heater, too (you know, the one that air cooled engines have where it brings hot, exhaust gas from the engine into the passenger cabin).

We do have two add-on 12-volt outlets to power modern day conveniences such as cell phone chargers and such. Whether you think this is madness or, as we prefer to view it, the adventure of a lifetime (who said we were aiming real high?), you are welcome to travel with us vicariously at minimal expense.

We welcome the company on the ride and only ask that you consider a small (or LARGE) donation to benefit the worthwhile object of our intention.

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