Caregiver Story #11

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Has your life been touched by a Traumatic Brain



Summary – the cause – the injury – today’s quality of

My Husband had a near fatal car accident in April of 2008 and had TBI. Our
quality of life has drastically changed, as has our Family dynamics and we
struggle daily to understand and cope with the changes

Please share your experience at the time you became aware of
the injury?


At first my husband was mis-diagnosed and we were not aware of what was
exactly wrong with him.

It took us over a year to get the proper diagnosis, and even then the best
Neurologists, Neuro-Psychologists and a host of the best doctors were and still
are very vague about the present and the future.


Tell about the experience immediately after the injury. Surgery?

My husband was unconscience for 8 hours on and off and the next day he
seemed okay…dazed and shaken up but for the most part ok. 2 days after the
accident he woke up and had slurred speech, could not walk properly, was dazed
and confused and I thought he had a stroke as that was the behavior he was
exhibiting. It was very scary.


Tell us about the hospital stay after the survivor was no longer in
a coma

The trauma center where he went following the accident never did any work up
on his head…no cat scan, no mri and for the most part missed 80% of his
injuries, including a severe groin injury and a broken and crushed ulnar nerve
in his wrist. It was an awful experience.


Tell us about the time in rehabilitation?

Because he was not diagnosed properly there was no rehibalitation. It has
been almost 3 years, and I do believe if he had received the proper care and
advise from the beginning, he would be in a better condition today.


Tell us about coming home!

No Response


“Please type some single words that describe how TBI has touched
your life. For example: Frightened, confused, sad, etc. Enter as many or as few
words as you like. Separate each word with a comma”

depressing, scary, sad, overwhelming, alone, confused, heart breaking


Tell us about life today?

Life today is different everyday. I get up and thank God I am alive, and
that my husband did survive the accident. My 4 children – ages 23-22-21 and 20
and I struggle daily for patience and understanding and to adjust to the new
personality and the daily struggles of their father, my husband. He was the
owner of a 40 year old thriving business and can no longer work, and I have
taken over. My days are difficult to say the least.


What do you want to tell others going through the same process?
Treatments, understandings and actions that made a difference?

Be patient and event though we had the best doctors in the tri state area,
we still aren’t certain about the future, but MOST importantly…be your own
Doctor, do your own research, and however grim what you read is, knowing the
facts and how to proceed is the biggest help.

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  • Michelle says:

    I can relate to your situation. My husband was misdiagnosed for nearly a year & the “Rehab”- if it can even be called that – did nothing but marvel at the fact that he’d survived this awful mva & then released him to my care, which was filled with emotional, spiritual & physical abuse towards me,due to lack of treatment & medications. My heart goes out to you & if you’d ever like to talk I would be more than happy to listen – even at 3am ;) sending you love & hugs from Canada

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