“It is hard watching the struggles but they are worth it in the end.”


Summary – the cause – the injury – today’s quality of life?

Thrown from a truck and landed on her head. Very positive person. Can take care of herself. Tried to go to college but was unable to keep up with her studies.

Please share your experience at the time you became aware of the injury?

I knew her before her accident and see her still today. She has no disfiguring scars but talks with difficulty.


Tell about the experience immediately after the injury. Surgery? Coma?

She was in a coma for several weeks and when she seemed to be out of the coma she was still unaware of her surroundings, couldn’t speak, walk or do simple tasks. She had surgery on her brain to relieve the swelling and pressure.


Tell us about the hospital stay after the survivor was no longer in a coma

She didn’t have injuries other than to her brain so she was moved to rehabilation very quickly.


Tell us about the time in rehabilitation?

She was in intense rehabilation for close to a year. She had to relearn every skill. Talking, walking, feeding and dressing herself. A lot of her physical therapy was painful. She had to learn the alphabet and numbers.


Tell us about coming home!

She was anxious to go home but after she got home she was confused and upset. She had an aide with her for a brief time and was able to live by herself in a small apartment.


“Please type some single words that describe how TBI has touched your life. For example: Frightened, confused, sad, etc. Enter as many or as few words as you like. Separate each word with a comma”

Sad, helpless, angry, scared, confused.


Tell us about life today?

She is a very happy woman. She realizes her limitations but pushes herself to accomplish everything she possibly can. She has done missionary work in different countries.


What do you want to tell others going through the same process? Treatments, understandings and actions that made a difference?

Be patient and supportive. It is hard watching the struggles but they are worth it in the end. People that came along side rather than offered advise helped the most. Just a cup of coffee and being there.

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