“There is hope!!!”


Summary – the cause – the injury – today’s quality of life?

She was walking across a street & a selfish drunk driver in a truck ran her down, she suffered a TBI, one of her kidneys was ripped from her body, broken femur, broken pelvis, her eye was shattered & she died twice on the way to the hospital & at the hospital & spent a few weeks in a coma. Now she has no

memory of her past, limps, doesnt remember alot of people, limited use of her right hand, poor eyesight BUT despite all this, she is the most bravest & strong person I have ever known. She’s the type of person who would forgive the huy who did this to her.


Please share your experience at the time you became aware of the injury?

Sitting at work, got a call from her sister & one of our friends….went into complete shock, ran out & right over to the hospital. I lost(left) that job because I wanted to be there all the time with her & talk to her & feed her, etc.


Tell about the experience immediately after the injury.  Surgery? Coma

Coma, surgeries, high fevers, I think Dr’s were only giving her a 20% chance of living. She had to wear a diaper, feeding tube, her skull had to be cut open to allow drainage, etc


Tell us about the hospital stay after the survivor was no longer in a coma

I would feed her, rub & massage her bad leg, shaved her legs for here, calm her down when she was in a panic, try to stir her memory(she was a bridesmaid at my wedding 3 years before and she couldnt remember my Husbands name.) I did her nails, plucked her eyebrows……


Tell us about the time in rehabilitation?

She spent about 6 months in rehab in 3 different places, one place was a God send. They got her out of the wheel chair & using a walker, got the feeding tube out, got the diapers off of her & retaught her the things she forgot like holding a spoon, lots of physical & occupational therapy.


Tell us about coming home

She came home right before Christmas in 2007, she lived with her sister but had to have a nurse in everyday as her sister had to work. He was hit in July 2007. We all called her a miracle!


Please type some single words that describe how TBI has touched your life. For example: Frightened, confused, sad, etc. Enter as many or as few words as you like. Separate each word with a comma”

sad, furious(at the person who did this to her), sorry, nostalgic for old times.


Tell us about life today

I miss her incredibly, more than words can describe, she is & was not only my best friend, but also my confidant, we knew each others secrets, would go to the beach, bars, etc. , she would spend nights at my house & we even had our own secret language together OCD’s!!!


What do you want to tell others going through the same process? Treatments, understandings and actions that made a difference

There is hope!!!




Has your life  been touched by a Traumatic Brain Injury How?

Yes Friend of a Survivor

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